Last updated: 17. November 2023

BIO39 digital front cover

Biosphere: Inland Delta
BIO39  2xLP/CD/Digital , Biophon Records 2023.
Out on November 24th. Pre-order here.

bio37 3000x3000

Biosphere: Substrata (Alternative Versions)
BIO37  2xLP/CD/Digital , Biophon Records 2022.
Out on October 14th. Pre-order here.

BIOSPHERE CD 3500x3500

Biosphere: Shortwave Memories
BIO36  LP  / CD / Digital , Biophon Records 2022.
Out on January 21st. Pre-order here.

Planet 04 digital 3000x3000

Bols: Film
Planet 04 LP  / Digital , United Planets
Out on October 15th. Order here.

bio35 digital small

Toshihiko Mori: Jinen
BIO35  12” / CD  / Digital , Biophon Records
Out on November 13th 2020. Pre-order here.


Biosphere: Dropsonde (Reissue with bonus album)
BIO33  3xLP / 2xCD  / Digital , Biophon Records
Out on June 5th 2020. Pre-order here.


Biosphere: The Senja Recordings
BIO31  2xLP / CD  / Digital files , Biophon Records 
Out on June 7th 2019. Pre-order here.

bio32d artwork

HIA & Biosphere: Polar Sequences
BIO32  2xLP / CD  / Digital 24-bit files , Biophon Records
Out on January 4th 2019.

BIO23 digital

The Fires Of Ork: The Fires Of Ork
BIO23  2xCD  / Digital , Biophon Records 2018.
Out on June 22nd 2018.

bio25 digital cover

Biosphere: The Hilvarenbeek Recordings [Remastered and expanded version]
BIO25  CD / LP / Digital 24-bit, Biophon Records 2018.
Out on March 16th 2018. 


Biosphere: Compilation 1991–2004
BIO7  2xCD / Digital, Biophon Records 2017.
Out on November 20th 2017.
Distributed by Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America. 

bio27 cover digital

Biosphere: Shenzhou [Reissue with bonus album].
BIO27 3xLP / 2xCD / Digital, Biophon Records 2017.
Out on December 8th 2017. 


Biosphere: Black Mesa [Spieltape Remix].
BIO29R Digital only, Biophon Records 2017.
Out on September 15th 2017.
This download comes with the previously unreleased track Dignity Village


Biosphere: The Petrified Forest mini-album.
 BIO30CD/LP/Digital, Biophon Records 2017.
Out on May 12th 2017. 
Distributed by 
Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America. 

The Petrified Forest is inspired by the movie of the same name, released in 1936 and directed by Archie Mayo. 
Alan Squier, a failed, world-weary British writer, hikes into an isolated, weather-beaten desert diner in Arizona owned by Jason Marple. Jason's daughter, Gabrielle is immediately taken with the disillusioned intellectual, since they share idealistic dreams of escaping the stark reality of their lives.


black mesa digital

Biosphere: Black Mesa - Limited edition numbered 7-inch single, 500 copies.
Also available as 24-bit digital files. BIO29.7, Biophon Records 2017.
Out on April 21st. 2017. 
Distributed by 

Biosphere: Substrata [Reissue with bonus album] [BIO28CD], Biophon Records 2017.
Out on January 13th. 2017. 
The double LP [BIO5LP] will be back in stock around the same time.
Distributed by Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America. 

Biosphere Cirque Cover SMALL

Biosphere: Cirque [Reissue with bonus album] [BIO26CD/LP], Biophon Records 2016.
Out on November 11th. 2016 on double CD. 
The triple LP will be available at the end of December.
Distributed by 
Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America. 

img 0577 small

Out on June 10th 2016. 
Patashnik [Reissue with bonus album] [BIO4CD/LP], Biophon Records 2016.
Available from Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America. 

img 1799 hilvarenbeek

Biosphere: The Hilvarenbeek Recordings [BIO25D], Biophon Records 2016. 


Out on vinyl on January 22nd 2016. 
Slug Christ: The Crucifixion of Rapper Extraordinaire, Slug Christ. 2xLP vinyl, BIO20LP, Biophon 2016.
Voted Top 5 hip hop album of the year by both Fact Magazine and

Slug Christ is a rapper-producer based in Atlanta Georgia. «My style is very 808 heavy. I’m very trap influenced,
 I´d like to consider myself doing the next version of trap music, more abstract.» Trap music boasts itself as some of today’s most tightly sequenced hip-hop music, but Slug Christ’s loose, drug-induced delivery has helped him establish his own style within the genre. If you miss the rawness that rap feels like it’s missing these days, then look no further than Slug Christ.

The Fires of Ork 1

Pete Namlook and Geir Jenssen 
The Fires of Ork [BIO23D]
The Fires of Ork 2 [BIO24D]


Novelty Waves [Remixes], BIO22D, Biophon Records 2015. 
Contains previously unreleased remixes by Mark Bell [LFO], Frank De Wulf and Biosphere, plus remixes by Aedena Cycle and Higher Intelligence Agency. Thanks to Michael Stickley for rebuilding the sleeve.

Biosphere Sound Installations

Sound Installations [2000-2009], BIO21D, Biophon Records 2015.
Digital 24 bit album, 11 tracks, 86 minutes. 

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